Obama wins re-election!

Post from Ethan Strimling

As damaging as a decision to repeal Health Care Reform would have been to Obama’s re-election campaign, the decision to affirm was just as advantageous. Although this election will hinge on the economy, a decision against Obama would have affirmed in voters’ minds what Romney has been saying all along; that Obama is “in over his head,” that he is not competent as President to solve the nation’s problems.

Instead, this ruling creates the exact opposite image for voters. Obama knows what he is doing, knows how to get it done, and will continue down that path.

It also undermines trust in Republican arguments. The court has tossed out one of their primary talking points as being false. And one of their own led the charge (Roberts). In the minds of voters, if Republicans were so wrong about something this important, what does that say about other arguments?

Very tough road for Romney at this point. If I were a betting man, barring any great misstep, I would put my money on Obama to win handily in the fall. 300+ electoral votes.