Is Angus King a hypocrite?

When we heard Governor King slam the negative attacks against him and declare that no negative ads will be coming from his campaign “whatsoever,” we got to thinking. Has Angus always been so above the fray?

When he decried that the ad was “distorting my record as Governor, and taking aim at my character,” was he always so principled about keeping it focused on the issues?

When he was not in the lead by 25 points, with three times as much money as his nearest competitor, did he simply focus on what Maine people care about?

Well, guess what we found? In 1994, when King was running against a very popular former Governor who had been out of office for many years and who held a huge lead in the polls (sound familiar), King ran a number of very negative attack ads against Democrat Joe Brennan that had nothing to do with issues. Hypocrisy? You decide (click below).


Just callin’ ‘em as we sees ‘em…