Surprising poll numbers on guns, governor’s race

According to an anonymous source who asked not to be identified, poll numbers being released tomorrow by well-known and long-time pollster Patrick Murphy, president of Pan Atlantic SMS Group, hold some serious surprises. While I don’t know all the specifics, I understand there are four broad conclusions we will learn:

1)      President Obama’s popularity has slipped significantly since Election Day.

2)      Gov. Paul LePage is maintaining his strength in a three-way race for re-election, while independent Eliot Cutler and leading Democratic candidates are fading.

3)      While LePage’s personal popularity is still very problematic, his policies are finding support among a majority of Maine people.                                              

4)      A series of question on guns were asked, and Maine people are looking to the federal government and state legislature to act. From expanded background checks, to a ban on assault weapons, to limits on magazine size, Maine people support these stronger regulations overwhelmingly.

5)      A surprise name has emerged in the field of Democratic candidates to challenge LePage in 2014, assuming former Gov. John Baldacci, or Reps. Mike Michaud or Chellie Pingree don’t run.

Keep an eye out for the release of the poll. It may alter the political landscape a bit more than people expect.