Monthly Archives: May 2013

Scandals Everywhere!

From Benghazi, to the AP, to the IRS scandals are rocking the White House and conservatives are on the offensive. Our political analysts go toe to toe on each one in an impassioned debate on WGAN. Click below for the fireworks.  

Why can’t we all just get along?

Democrats in the Maine Legislature spent Monday trying to get the message out that they have the best plan to pay off Maine’s hospitals. But Republicans say linking it to expanding Maine’s Medicaid program isn’t the way to do it.  Now legislators are at a impasse over what to do; and time is running out. Political analysts […]

Is a state shutdown inevitable?

Unions are hearing that the Governor is preparing for a shutdown, the Governor insists that is not the case, and all the while the Legislature continues to work on the budget without much public progress. Do all signs point to a shutdown? Also, Dems start playing hardball with expanding health care, a gun control bill […]

Health care for hospital payments? Food stamps for junk food?

Democrats are tying the hospital payment plan to health care expansion. Governor Paul LePage is calling the move “criminal.” Was this a good move on the Democrats part? Is LePage right to call them out? Governor LePage is also sponsoring a bill to limit food stamp users from buying junk food. He also wants to ban drug felons from receiving food […]