LePage team turns up the heat in Augusta

Gov. Paul LePage’s political arm, Maine People Before Politics, has purchased TV time over the next week. The total amount is unclear, but extrapolating from what I know, it is probably in the range of $30,000+ statewide. Not huge, by any stretch, but adequate to make some serious noise and get some attention.

While I have yet to see the ad, based on transcripts, the ad focuses on how LePage reduced taxes and created jobs as mayor. It continues by saying he has done the same as governor, ushering in “the largest tax cut in Maine history” and how the economy is now starting to turn around as evidenced by the lower unemployment rate.

It then closes by slamming the Legislature for proposing to raise taxes in the state budget: “Now some legislators, led by liberal special interests, want tax increases. Tell your legislators. Let’s not turn back the clock now. Let’s keep the economy moving.”

While certainly the purpose of the ad is to build a stark contrast between the governor and the Legislature on taxes, it also appears to be bolstering the governor’s image and poll numbers in preparation for next year’s election. That said, if we get close to a shutdown, I imagine it is also hoping to garner public opinion against the Democrats.

The stakes are certainly rising…