Snowe & LePage Agree to Disagree

Sen. Olympia Snowe and Gov. Paul Lepage have much in common when it comes to their Lewiston/Auburn upbringing.Olympia was raised an orphan by her extended family. LePage fled the welfare system to live on the streets. He found the compassion of families lending a helping hand, including the Snowe family.

I find it remarkable that both are Republicans from the same hard working democratic labeled city.

Recall that Gov. LePage, soon after his remarkable election as Governor with strong Tea Party support, announced that should Sen. Snowe seek re-election she would have his full support. A tribute to Olympia and her family’s influence on him and his stunning accomplishment.

At the time, Sen. Snowe was facing fierce re-election opposition from Tea Party members. Gov. LePage’s declaration of support for Sen. Snowe quickly neutralized the momentum. Perhaps one can understand their common bonds in today’s political climate. Olympia, always the consummate diplomat. LePage, the plain spoken tell it like is style.

Until Thursday.

My sources tell me that Sen. Snowe is about to release a statement, on the heels of a re-election fund raising event she is co-hosting with former Maine Governor John McKernan and Florida Govenor Jeb Bush, repudiating Gov. Lepage’s recent remarks regarding Sen. Troy Jackson from Allagash.

While Sen. Snowe may agree with LePage’s passion for how to move Maine out of it’s high-tax anti-business legacy, she is not going to let his rhetoric stand. Stay tuned.

Posted by Phil Harriman