Do Republicans have a leadership problem?

With Charlie Webster resigning last fall, Rich Cebra out within 6 months, and Bruce Poliquin turning down overtures to take the reins, do Maine Republicans have a leadership problem on their hands?

Plus, he may not have gotten his way completely, but Governor Paul LePage had a pretty good week last week. The Maine legislature came back for a flurry of quick votes on whether to override any of the more than 80 vetoes the governor set forth.  And all but five of those vetoes were sustained.

Political analysts Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling talk about how the governor still seems to have some political capital to spend at the State House and how Maine’s Republicans may have a leadership problem on their hands.

Oh yeah, and in a WCSH exclusive, Ethan announces that he is a new uncle as his sister-in-law has brought a new Democrat (he hopes) into the world…