Michaud and jobs. LePage and budgets. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Democratic candidate for governor Mike Michaud’s campaign is getting off to a bumpy start, at least when it comes to one of his first political ads.

The first version said that Maine’s economy lost jobs, when in fact it had gained a few thousand. And it didn’t take long for republicans, backing incumbent Paul LePage, to jump on the mistake, even after the ad was pulled and fixed.

We talk with political analysts Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling about this latest dust up.

Plus they discuss the Governor declaring that he won’t submit a supplemental budget next year. Is he abdicating his responsibility as the chief executive? Is he avoiding tough political decisions in an election year? Or is he right to force the legislature to fix what they broke? 

Phil and Ethan discuss this and more. Click below.