Should Bangor increase its minimum wage?

Chris Facchini discusses with political analysts Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman Mike Michaud’s most recent economic plan, the political implications of some of his policies, and whether all the detail he has provided will get him in trouble or be good for his prospects.

They also weigh in on the idea of local municipalities adopting minimum wage hikes and in particular whether Bangor should adopt a minimum wage higher than the state. While Phil believes you’ll have to build a bridge for all the businesses that will flee the city, Ethan believes you’ll need to build a bridge for all the workers that want to flock to the city.

Plus, they discuss the departure of longtime Lewiston democrat, Senator Margaret Craven from the legislature. Does this mean Republicans have a chance to pick up this democratic stronghold as Phil suggests?

Or, is it as Ethan suggests; “I am not sure what you’re smokin’ Phil, but I’ll wear the hat of any sports team you request for six months if the Republicans take this seat. It ain’t happening.”

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