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The ‘train-wreck’ that signed up 9.5 million

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Ethan: Now that Obamacare exceeded its goal of 7 million signups by April 1, are you ready to concede a small modicum of success to this program and stop calling it a “train wreck”? Phil: Forcing people to buy a product and having it declared constitutional because it was interpreted as a tax, something the […]

Can someone please explain how Democrats think?

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Phil: Can you explain to me how Democrats think? Ethan: I’ve been waiting for you to ask that question for five years! It all started with Thomas Jefferson and the Democratic-Republican Party which ultimately became the Democratic Party… Phil: Let me be more clear and move you to a bit more modern times. Didn’t President […]

Like King and Clinton, Michaud never looked back on equality

After Mike Michaud announced that he was gay, some of us in the media and politics celebrated his courage. There is a reason that in the history of America, no out man has ever been elected governor. It was truly risky to come out in the middle of a campaign, when 13 percent of the […]

The tea party: No longer a faction of the Republican Party

As the recently “averted” political and economic crisis got kicked down the road, many pundits are referring to a civil war within the Republican Party: the tea party vs. moderate Republicans. Unfortunately, this statement is not accurate. Based on the actual votes, it appears they have become one and the same. I always say to […]

A pox on both their houses for Dems, GOP?

Ethan: Now that the Republican brand has dropped to an historic low of 24 percent approval, any advice you’d like to offer your party? Phil: Your question overlooks the 39 percent approval of Democrats, even after the president and his media have blamed Republicans for all that is wrong in D.C. Wouldn’t you agree that approval […]