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A pox on both their houses for Dems, GOP?

Ethan: Now that the Republican brand has dropped to an historic low of 24 percent approval, any advice you’d like to offer your party? Phil: Your question overlooks the 39 percent approval of Democrats, even after the president and his media have blamed Republicans for all that is wrong in D.C. Wouldn’t you agree that approval […]

From mill worker to governor?

Ethan: Hey Phil, did you hear that U.S. Mike Michaud, D-2nd District, entered the race for governor this week? Phil: Zzzzzzzzz. Ethan: Phil? Phil: Zzzzzzzzz. Ethan Hey, Phil! Phil: Huh, what? What’s going on? Ethan: Michaud has entered the race for governor! Phil: Wow, that’s some big political news. Can I go back to bed […]

Sofia Vergara and Speedos? Just the usual summer politics

Phil: Here we are in August, and Augusta and Washington are all but dormant. Have you noticed how life still marches on even without government in our lives? Maybe we Republicans are on to something. Ethan: I may have soaked in a bit too much California sun on my current vacation but not that much. […]