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Should the legislature stop the UMaine cuts?

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Political analysts Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman discussed an array of topics during tonight’s newscast including Gov. LePage’s welfare bills and which, if any, will survive. Additionally, they discussed the politics behind de-funding the Maine Rides program and the Alexander Report. Finally, they tackled whether the legislature should be stepping in to block the university of […]

Are LePage’s welfare reforms unconstitutional, unenforceable and unethical?

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Ethan: What is up with you Republicans and welfare? You spend more time trying to make it harder for people to get support in hard times than you do reducing the causes of poverty. Phil: You support people on welfare spending their money at casinos and strip clubs? Ethan: If you actually had some evidence […]

Irresponsible spending by LePage or political posturing by the legislature?

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Yesterday we spoke with our political analysts on two hot button issues in front of the legislature this week. The Legislature voted to defund the Alexander Report and while Phil Harriman said it’s political posturing, Ethan Strimling said the report had major flaws. “The legislature is saying if you aren’t going to stop this irresponsible spending […]

Is it time to repeal term limits?

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Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling spoke with Pat Callaghan about a number of issues ranging from whether Collins and King should vote to declassify the “enhanced interrogation” report, arming forest rangers, capping the charitable donations deduction on income taxes, and whether term limits should be repealed, as Governor LePage declared this week. Plus, which party gained […]

The unions are coming! Steel workers donate $300,000 to help Michaud

Perhaps you’ve heard the adage, “Some people watch things happen. Others make things happen. And most people wonder what happened.” For Republicans to win back the Maine Legislature and Gov. Paul LePage to be re-elected, they must make things happen — starting yesterday. Why? Look at the February political contributions report. There you’ll see that the United […]

LePage says he wants more welfare?

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Phil: Google. Amazon. Nike. Ethan: Let me guess. You are checking investments for your clients? Phil: Teslar. General Electric. IBM. Ethan: You are trying to memorize the 30 stocks of the Dow? Phil: Southwest Airlines. Boeing. Lockheed Martin. Ethan: You want to buy an airplane for your wife? Phil: Costco. Cisco. Campbell Soup. Caterpillar. Ethan: […]

What is wrong with Gov LePage asking the voters if they want smaller government?

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The Maine Legislature will vote on the Republican MaineCare compromise bill Wednesday. With the Affordable Care Act and discussion of Medicaid expansion, Maine is in the middle of a policy push and pull. Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling joined the Morning Report to discuss Medicaid expansion and other Maine political issues. LePage has also now proposed to […]

Will “Open for Business” open any businesses?

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Keeping a promise he made during his State of the State address, Governor Paul LePage announced his new plan to attract big businesses to two former air bases in Maine. The governor says his plan would give big incentives to any business that can invest at least $50,000,000, hire at least 1,500 employees, and locate at either the former Loring […]