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Sometimes, the best arguments end in agreement

Ethan: If you can believe it, this officially marks our second anniversary writing this column. Sadly, it also marks our last at the Bangor Daily News as we embark upon another stage of our commentary. Phil: We’ve done more than 350 columns, posts and video blogs. It’s been a tremendous two years that I am […]

Can someone please explain how Democrats think?

Phil: Can you explain to me how Democrats think? Ethan: I’ve been waiting for you to ask that question for five years! It all started with Thomas Jefferson and the Democratic-Republican Party which ultimately became the Democratic Party… Phil: Let me be more clear and move you to a bit more modern times. Didn’t President […]

A pox on both their houses for Dems, GOP?

Ethan: Now that the Republican brand has dropped to an historic low of 24 percent approval, any advice you’d like to offer your party? Phil: Your question overlooks the 39 percent approval of Democrats, even after the president and his media have blamed Republicans for all that is wrong in D.C. Wouldn’t you agree that approval […]

Could the GOP have had a worse week?

Ethan: Aren’t you glad you aren’t Republican Party Chairman Rick Bennett this week? Phil: How so? Ethan: Let’s see, on Monday seven Republicans resign their official position with the party, and six changed their voter registration. Phil: Oh, that little thing. Ethan: On Tuesday, it comes out that Gov. Paul LePage most likely claimed Obama […]

This much is true: Death, taxes, 4 more years of Obama

Phil We know three things absolutely: death, taxes and four more years of President Barack Obama. Ethan: Not sure I would put those three in the same sentence, but I get your point. Go on. Phil: As a Democratic insider, what do you see in the unleashed Obama second term? True progress on curbing America’s […]

Political lessons of 2012

Phil: As you look back over 2012, any big political lessons learned that you’ll carry forward into 2013? Ethan: Yeah, that your party has got to learn to moderate. My goodness, from immigration to taxes to guns, you guys are off the deep end. Phil: Isn’t it remarkable that believing people should come to America […]