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Sofia Vergara and Speedos? Just the usual summer politics

Phil: Here we are in August, and Augusta and Washington are all but dormant. Have you noticed how life still marches on even without government in our lives? Maybe we Republicans are on to something. Ethan: I may have soaked in a bit too much California sun on my current vacation but not that much. […]

Immigration, guns, welfare led to the Boston bombing?

Phil: Immigration, guns and welfare benefits seemed to meld into one discussion in the aftermath of the terrorists attack in Boston. Do you think it’s time to amend the Constitution to address these matters? Ethan: Not sure where welfare benefits enter the picture, but I am pretty sure we don’t need to amend the Constitution in […]

Is the Governor bowing to political pressure by accepting ObamaCare money?

This morning our Political Analysts Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling spoke with Sharon Rose and Jackie Ward to talk about Paul LePage’s change of heart in possibly accepting additional Medicaid funds to cover an additional 70,000 Maine people. Is this a political decision, a change of heart, or is it simply financial. Additionally, they discuss […]

Media bias or biased about the media?

Ethan: Two weeks ago you began taking us down a road regarding hypocrisy in our political system about how President Barack Obama is treated. Care to elaborate? Phil: Sure. Here’s one example: Obama writes in his book that he has eaten dog meat. Meanwhile, the press assails Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney as cruel to […]