Who will win, lose U.S. Senate race? Place bets here (updated with Ethan & Phil’s picks)

Updated 4pm: Although there is still time for you to get your picks in, as promised, here are ours:

Ethan: D’s – Dill 39%, Dunlap 38%, Hinck 19%, Pollard 4%. R’s – Bennett 26%, Summers 23%, D’Amboise 15%, Schneider 14%, Poloquin 12%, Plowman 10%

Phil: D’s – Dunlap 42%, Dill 38%, Hinck 14%, Pollard 6%. R’s – Bennett 30%, Summers 23%, Poliquin 20%, Schneider 12%, D’Amboise 11%, Plowman 4%.

Original Post: OK, it is your turn to become a highly respected political analyst. In preparation for Tuesday’s election, we are running a contest in which you get to guess the order of finish for the Republican and Democratic primaries for U.S. senate.

Your job is simply to post below what order you expect the candidates to finish and what percentage you expect each to receive. The winner will be the one who got the order correct and was closest on the percentage.

As a reminder, here are the candidates. Republicans: Rick Bennett, Scott D’Amboise, Deb Plowman, Bruce Poliquin, Bill Schneider and Charlie Summers. Democrats: Cynthia Dill, Matt Dunlap, John Hinck and Ben Pollard.

The winner will get a shout-out from us in this blog, a tweet in their honor and perhaps a mention on statewide TV. If we have a spare BDN mug, we will be sure to send it your way. Good luck.