Live blogging Election Night with Ethan & Phil

Updated 12:01 Ethan: Based on the remaining towns that need to come in, my sense is that Courtney will win the CD1 race.

Updated 11:44 Ethan: Sanford is still out in the Courtney/Calder race, as is Saco. A couple of big chuncks that should close the gap in Courtney’s favor (Sanford is his home town). He has a ways to go, but this one is definitely still too close to call.

Updated 11:23 Ethan: My sense is that the Tea Party had a pretty bad night. Moderate Republicans win US Senate and CD2 races, and is winning the CD1 race. LePage coattails fading?

Updated 10:48 Ethan: The only race left for the night is Calder/Courtney (never thought I’d be saying that at a quarter to 11!). No matter what, this is embarrasing for Courtney.

Updated 10:35 Ethan: Not sure why the networks are holding back. The race has been over for forty five minutes. Summers and Dill are the nominees.

Updated 9:47 Ethan: Remarkably, Patrick Calder is leading Jon Courtney in the first CD.

Updated 9:54 Ethan: If I had to call it now, I call it for Summers and Dill.

Updated 9:34 Ethan: Looking more and more like Summers and Poliquin will be the only ones duking it out throughout the night on the Republican side. Dunlap and Dill a barn-burner.

Updated 9:30 Phil 20% of voting places reporting.  Looks like Hinck, Schneider, Plowman, D’Amboise will not emerge as victors.  Summers and Poliquin leading.

Updated 8:57 Phil: Just received a tweet…. The voice of the voter has turned into voice of THE voter.

Updated 8:44 Ethan: Poliquin is doing better than expected. Not winning everywhere, but he is consistent across counties.

Updated 8:33 Phil: Results starting to trickle in.  I predict The results will be counted within an hour.  If the results are not tight between candidates, it should be an early evening

Updated 8:12 Ethan: Apparantly it is very quiet in all the different campaign headquarters, except Dill’s where there was a double booking. About 30 people arrived for a different party!

Updated 7:52 Ethan: Polls close in 8 minutes. I wonder how long it will take for the winner to attack Angus King…

Updated 7:31 Phil: Early indication of Republican Primary winner may rest in who does well in the areas where LePage won 2 years ago.

Updated 7:27 Ethan: Also of note, Democrats have 24 primaries today in State Legislative races. It will be interesting to see if the base of the party pulls for the more progressive or moderate Democrat.

Updated 7:15 Ethan: Turnout may be below 15%. Couldpossibly help Dill in Dem primmary, since her supporters seem to be the most passionate.

Updated 6:45pm Ethan: Turnout very low statewide means we could have some surprises tonight. Does not bode well for Charlie Summers.

Updated 3:30pm Ethan:  Tonight, from 7pm until midnight Ethan and Phil will be posting their thoughts and reactions to the returns coming in over the Bangor Daily News website. Check in throughout the evening to hear what they have to say and post your own comments.