And the winner is…

As you know, on Monday we started a contest asking readers, facebook friends, and twitter followers to submit their prediction on who would win the respective US Senate primaries. The rules were simply to submit the names in order of finish and percentage you expected each person to receive. In order to win, you had to get the order right first, and then your percentages would be taken into account. Response was tremendous and this morning we waded through all the entries to determine our winners.

On the Democratic side, our winner was Bob Metzinger who correctly predicted the order of the Democrats and was an average of only 3.75% off for each candidate. Honorable mention to our own Ethan Strimling, who came in second only 4.75% off and David Laughren who came in third, only 6.25% off.

On the Republican side, remarkably, we only had one person who got all six in the right order; Julie Finn. She was also only 3.2% off in her percentages, giving her the best record of any predictor on either the Democratic or Republican side. We will also give honorable mention to James Melcher and Holly Macomber who were the only others to even get the top three correctly, and James Melcher called those top three within 1 percentage point (if he had only flipped Plowman and D’Amboise!).

An honorable mention must also go out to Zach Heiden who called the Judge of Probate election for Jack O’Brien and was off only 2 percentage points. Very nice.

Thanks to everyone for participating. I am sure we will do this again in the fall.