Your turn to be a political analyst

Every election we give our readers/viewers/listeners a chance to take us on in regard to predicting the big races of Election Day. We made our full predictions with reasoning this weekend in a column: It is now time for you make your predictions. The one closest in all the races gets a statewide shoutout in one of our future columns.

Your job, in the comments section below, predict the Presidential winner by electoral count, the winners by opercentage in the US Senate, CD1, and CD2, and the percentage that vote yes and no on Gay Marriage. As a recap, here are our predictions:

Phil: Romney with 295 Electoral Votes: King 45 – Summers 30 – Dill 21; Michaud 51 – Raye 49; Pingree 58 – Courtney 42; Marriage 52-48.

Ethan: Obama with 303 Electoral Votes; King 46 – Summers 32 – Dill 16; Michaud 53 – Raye 47; Pingree 61 – Courtney 39; Marriage 52-48.

Post your predictions below, email ’em to us, FB, or Twitter. Good luck!