Monthly Archives: March 2013

What are they inhaling in Augusta?

Phil: What’s in the air in Augusta these days? Seems a little tense. Ethan: You referring to my Democrats vaporizing former Rep. Jonathan McKane’s nomination to the Dirigo Health board? Phil: Indeed. But not just your party. Democrats did that on the heels of Gov. Paul LePage threatening to veto every bill the Legislature sends […]

Michaud for Governor?

Phil & Ethan discuss US Congressman Mike Michaud’s possible run for Governor. How strong of a candidate? What does this mean for LePage/Cutler? Also, they discuss the Democrat’s rejection of Representative Jonathan McKane for the Dirigo Health Board, the Governor’s promise of across the board vetos, and the rising tension in Augusta.

Media bias or biased about the media?

Ethan: Two weeks ago you began taking us down a road regarding hypocrisy in our political system about how President Barack Obama is treated. Care to elaborate? Phil: Sure. Here’s one example: Obama writes in his book that he has eaten dog meat. Meanwhile, the press assails Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney as cruel to […]