Why is LePage silent on the shredding scandal?

As the DHHS shredding investigation gathers steam, questions are starting to fly. Why has LePage been so quiet? Are Democrats just playing politics by filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request? If the FBI is now part of the investigation, is their potential for this to become a significant factor in the 2014 elections? Our poitical analysts Phil Harriman & Ethan Strimling speak with Chris Facchini to analyze the impacts.

In election news, Eliot Cutler’s field director is no longer working for the campaign. Is this a sign of trouble for Cutler? Emily Cain rolls out strong poll and fundraising numbers. Is she now the prohibitive favorite for Democrats? Blaine Richardson has left the Republican primary to become an independent. What impact will this have on Bruce Poliquin and Kevin Raye?

Finally, Ethan and Phil discuss the fact that Bangor has entered the fight to stop the legislature from cutting $40 million in revenue sharing. Are municipalities overreacting or is the revenue loss significant?

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